Cooperation with Professionals

Co-operation with the Professional Community 

A.A. Committees for Cooperation with the Professional Community (C.P.C)

In 1970, the General Service Board of A.A. set up its Committee on Cooperation With the Professional Community. In 1971, The General Service Conference followed suit with the formation of its C.P.C. Committee.

What is the purpose of area or local C.P.C. committee?

Members of C.P.C. committees inform professionals and future professionals about A.A – what we are, where we are, what we can do and what we cannot do. They attempt to establish better communication between A.A.s and professionals in the field. A professional can be anyone who deals with problem drinkers in the course of their work.

 C.P.C. committees at the local level actively seek ways to make contact with professional people and set up programs to increase knowledge and understanding of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Co-operation with the Professional Community



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