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 District 39
Chair Positions Still Available

The following District 39 chair positions are still available:

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This is a perfect opportunity to get involved with service work at the District Level. If you are a member of our District 39 Fellowship,  we invite you to put your name forward at our next District Meeting, for a District Chair position effective Jan 2017 through to Dec 2018. District meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 6:00 pm, Alano Club, 2584 Cyril Street or email District 39 DCM for more information.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 5:00 PM

As Bill Sees It
Abbotsford Alano Club
2584 Cyril Street
Phone Attila F 604-854-5194

Old Fashioned Group NEW TIME

Old Fashioned Group
Wednesday Evening – 7:00 PM
Abbotsford Seniors Association
2631 Cyril Street
Phone Dwayne L 604-226-0119


Liberty Group NEW TIME

LiBerTy Group
Sunday Morning – 9:30 AM
Alano Club

2584 Cyril Street
Phone Beth 604-351-6403


The 2014 AA Membership Survey is now available.
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  2014 Membership Survey