O = Open Meeting – (Anyone welcome)
C = Closed Meeting (Anyone with a desire to stop drinking)
(WA) = Wheelchair Accessible

Please note: While every effort is made to keep this directory up to date, if you plan on attending a meeting for the first time, we recommend calling first to ensure that the meeting information is correct.
Phone the contact person for the group (if given) or our 24 Hour Phone:


6:40 AM Attitude Adjustment (O)

***This is a separate meeting from the 6:40 Zoom Meeting starting on July 20 2020.  They will be running concurrently every morning as separate meetings.

Alano Club
2584 Cyril Street
Phone: Duncan 604 308-1092


12:00 NOON: Daily Reflections (O)
Alano Club
2584 Cyril Street


7:00-8:00 PM: Sunday Night Promises (O)
Abbotsford Social Activity Association
33889 Essendene Ave
Phone Becky 778-344-2627

The Sunday Night Promises Is Now a Hybrid Meeting, there is both in person meetings and Zoom Meetings

This is the url

Meeting ID: 893 6929 6019

Password: Sunday

Our meeting has a max capacity of 40 people inside where they can safely keep physical distance.

We recommend anyone participating to bring their own masks, we also have to collect First names and a phone number in case there happens to be an outbreak and to properly notify anyone who may be in direct in contact with potential case.


7:30-8:30 PM: Sunday Night Uncensored Meeting (O)
***Brand New Meeting***
Abbotsford Alano Club
2584 Cyril Street